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The Trophy Cars

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Built as a single make series competition car to promote the new Clio 2 range, the Clio V6 Trophy series replaced the Renaultsport Spider Trophy, which finished in 1998.
Starting with the shell of front wheel drive standard Clio, the cars were completely reworked to house a 3 litre v6 engine (derived from the PSA ES engine used in the Renault Laguna).
The race cars inspired the construction of a road going car, which resulted in the Clio V6 released in 2001.

Technical Specification (1999 MY):

Model - Renault Sport Clio V6 Trophy
Engine - L7X V6, 24 valves
Capacity (cc) - 2946
Bore x stroke (mm) - 87 x 82.6
Compression ratio - 11.2
Maximum power - 206 kW (285 bhp) at 7000 rpm
Maximum torque - 307 Nm (226 lb ft) at 5800 rpm
Transmission - 6-speed Sadev mechanical sequential gearbox
Front - MacPherson-type with adjustable damping
Rear - Multi-links with adjustable damping
Brake callipers - Brembo, 4 pistons
Brakes - Ventilated discs - 320 mm
Tyres - Michelin
Front - 21 x 65 x 18
Rear - 24 x 65 x 18
Length - 3770 mm
Width - 1740 mm (front), 1760 mm (rear)
Top speed - 230 km/h (143 mph)
Fuel tank capacity - 70 litres
Weight - 1100 kg


These are the official production numbers for competition vehicles built at the Dieppe Alpine (Renaultsport) factory.

YEAR Clio Trophy
1999 - 106
2000 - 28
TOTAL - 134

It is suspected that more cars/shells were produced during 2001-2003 for racing purposes, but no data sales data has been obtained.

In the initial production run was 85 made for the start of the 1999 trophy series, with 15 Spare shells.

The race series

The main Trophy series ran consecutively for 5 years, from 1999 to 2003. The races took place across Europe and were held at some of the more famous circuits, as well as some lesser known tracks, usually reserved for motorbikes.
There was a seperate German Championship, called the DMSB Speed Trophy (which was sponsered by Beru Top 10), where 2litre clio cup racers also competed. A small number of cars also raced in Japan in a series where other renault sport cars could compete.

For the 1999, 2000, 2001 & 2002 seasons - all cars had phase 1 body panels. For the 2003 season cars had facelifted ph2 body panels to align with the rest of the clio range.

- The drivers first drove their cars just 1 week before the first race of the series. This was a test date on the 17th-18th April 1999 at the Le Mans-Bugatti circuit
- The races saw some large fields such as 61 at Le Mans 1999 & 70+ cars entered Monza 2001!
- The cars were sold new in 1999 for 260,000Fr (approx 25k GBP), a new car for the 2003 season was 45.800 €.
- The first ever race took place at Jarama 25th April 1999

The standard of racing was extremley high and attracted some high profile drivers.

High profile drivers

The Clio V6 racing drivers found themselves competing with the Swiss 'Philippe Siffert' and Frenchman 'Anthony Beltoise', the sons of two Formula 1 drivers of the sixties and seventies: Philippe's father Jo Siffert drove 1962-1971 in the premier class, winning two races.
Jean-Pierre Beltoise was active in Formula 1 from 1966 to 1974. Guest driver Marc Surer brought a former Formula 1 driver personally to the Clio.
Other prominent guests were Mayländer Bernd, Klaus Niedzwiedz and Markus Oestreich.
For the 1999 series, the fields were very large and the pack was split into two groups. The "Renault Sport Clio Trophy" for the front runners and the "Trophée Renault sport" for the rest.

Other details
in 1999 at Le Mans, Bleekemolen had a tyre blow up at 250kph on the mulsane straight following the tyre rubbing on the body panel.

In 2000, the trophy series ran as a support race for Le mans 24. 60 cars started and on the run to the 1st Mulsanne chicane on the first lap someone spun off and bounced back through the middle of the pack.
25 cars were badly damaged in the 7 lap race and another 10 failed to finish.

on the 22nd April 1999 Rafaele Fortunato, 43 year old Italian, was killed in an accident during the Renault Sport Clio Trophy at Jarama on the 22 April 1999.
At the end of practise the marshalls waived everyone into the end of the pitlane after the chequered flag and Fortuna, in car #49, was involved with a high speed violent crash with Manfred Dolota in car #74 . Autosport news article

In 2001 the Clio V6 received a new, safer fuel system and fuel tank, surrounded by Kevlar, which then met the strictest requirements of the FIA. It was a flexible aviation-style tank to extend the shelf life of the race series.
From the fourth event of the season in Misano, the cars had updated suspension, based on the modified shock absorbers and adjustable dampers. The drivers confirmed that this significantly improved ride comfort, the Clio stopped jumping up and down on the uneven surface and the rear axle was not so nervous.
This resulted in a decrease in the number of collisions and accidents.
There were also evolution to the engine and brakes.

Renault sport press release ahead of 2003 series:

Since it was launched in 1999, the Renault Sport Clio Trophy has enjoyed real success with the French, Italian, Portuguese, German, Swiss, British and Greek drivers … of all generations.

This tin-top car, designed for competition, is extremely spectacular. The European championship, organised as part of the Eurosport Super Racing Weekend series, is extremely close, to say the least.

The “Trophy” car is the most powerful of all the Clio cars; its V6 24-valve central rear engine produces 285 bhp, and is linked to a sequential gearbox. Whilst extremely competitive, it remains very reliable, and Renault Sport provides free technical assistance for all the teams (Michelin, engine, electronics…) at the tracks.

For this new season, the Clio Trophy will undergo a facelift, corresponding to the new Renault Sport Clio V6 255 presented at the Mondial de l’Automobile show in Paris. This evolution will reinforce its racy, expressive character.
This single-type series is part of the Eurosport Super Racing Weekend series. It will benefit from excellent media coverage (over 5 hours of international TV coverage in 2002 !). There will be a long summary, showing podiums and driver interviews, in the Eurosport Super Racing Weekend magazine, shown in Friday evening prime-time, after each race.

For the 2003 season, the technical and sporting regulations will not undergo any significant changes. The Clio Trophy gives drivers the opportunity to confront each other on 10 renowned European circuits (Spa, Magny Cours, Monza, Barcelona…)

2003 overview and prize money:
Number of races : 10
Number of circuits : 10
Driving Time : 2H30 par meeting
Registration 2003 : 3200 €
Entries to each event : 600 €
Prizes money awarded during the season : 400.000 €
Price of a Renault Clio Trophy ready to run : 45.800 €
Many cars are available from the teams, a number of whom also have turnkey options.

For more information on the Renault Sport Clio V6 Trophy race series & drivers please CLICK HERE


1. The Trophy cars did not have a road going chassis number from the factory, however, were individually numbered.
2. Individual number plaques were provided with each new car, located in the centre of the dash (in the form of a pressed number) and also on the chassis itself in the engine bay.

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The plaque on the chassis were in the form of a number then sometimes a letter, then the letters MOC. i.e. "019 MOC" or "138A MOC"
3. For each season in the trophy, the Ecu's were sent to Renault & they were flushed & numbered.
4. All cars were supplied new with yellow rollcage/interior. Useful to use the rollcage to observe cars moving around teams/drivers - they seemingly were rarely painted.

I will record the ECU numbers were known, but these are only good for continutity post 2004 and IF they haven't been removed/replaced!

Clio V6 Trophy Register:


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There were two prototype trophy cars. Both still exist.

Press Cars

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List of other cars - numbered to be confirmed